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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Realizing I am a sloth and sluggard - OUCH!

Today was another revealing learning experience from God through our pastor John Bruce.

I have spent my life as a doer, so I thought! But the more I get to know God, or, actually get to know me with God, I realize how much growth I have - not a new statement by me; however, revolutionary anyway from today's standpoint.

Last week, John discussed, Smart People Take God Seriously, and it is a sad state that our world is in right now. We take so many other things seriously, the things that really don't impact anything except our pride or boasting.... but that gets me political, and that is not my aim right now.

Today as I heard God's word, I was again, set to grieving how much time I have lost - spending time on the wrong things and with the wrong thinking. Still in Proverbs, John's 10 Ways to Diagnose Whether or Not (I am) a Sluggard or Sloth, and the lesson begins.

Smart People Take Action
  1. Do I Think I am Lazy? Many months ago, and for my entire life, I would have said "no", strongly "NO". And, as I reflect on my actions, or inactions over the years, I am submitting that changes need to happen; I have gotten in life what I have because I don't always act as quickly as I should. So, how does that change? With recognition that change is needed, praying - asking God to direct and guide, then massive action on my part. SO MANY THINGS TO THINK ABOUT: Proverbs 26:16
  2. Do I Make Small, Soft Choices - WHICH Eventually Become Habits? Everyday! Wow, reality is shocking sometimes, and my prayer is that these are not just my revelations, but others can see their need to know themselves better. Idleness saps or zaps energy - how true is this? This morning, I woke up early, then rolled over and fell back to sleep, and when I woke up for the second time, an hour later - I didn't want to budge. John's examples including, longer shower, slower to getting up from the table after a meal, procrastinating and slow to start things. SO WHAT SHOULD I DO? Push myself at every moment. Be the person that does things first, and the best! Proverbs 6:9-11 & Proverbs 19:15.
  3. Do I Always Feel Busy, BUT Accomplishing Nothing? BINGO! Yep! Got me on this one! Never, ever feel like I have enough time - this one is speaking to me loud and clear. My life has been run like the bell goes off, and I am in the midst of a fire drill I will definitely be listening to this message again. It truly is a matter of prioritizing, and knowing what to spend time on. I am working with someone right now - coaching, mentoring, fine-tuning my walk with God, and this is the area. My coach calls it the Playground (my mind). Proverbs 12:11 & Proverbs 14:23
  4. Am I Always in a Rush to Get Things Done? Rushing through life is a past-time of many - do I do it? Absolutely. And, it is my desire to enjoy every aspect of my life - no matter what the activity or event. To be present in all moments, whether planned, spontaneous or "just so happens". Proverbs 21:5 & Ecclesiastes 11:4. There are so many things that haste is costing me. Lord, guide me to savor.... to enjoy.... feel joy! 
  5. Do I Wait "Til the Ideal Time" Before Taking Actions? Proverbs 20:4
  6. Do I Find Myself Saying "I Will Do It Later"? Proverbs 10:5
  7. Do I Need Somebody to Help Me Get Going? Proverbs 12:24
  8. Do I Fail to Finish Things I Have Invested Time and Energy In To? There is wisdom, many times in things that are identified in conflict. My husband shares this truth with me often, and I spiral into defensive mode, BIG TIME! This is an area, that drives me completely nutty about myself and yet, I do it more than anything else. Little things become major things. Through the conflict and lessons of this past year, my personal growth has come in God's wonderful way of nudging, prodding and "here it is, would you please pay attention". Proverbs 12:27 & Proverbs 24:30-34
  9. Do I Live in a World of Wishful Thinking? Proverbs 13:4 & Proverbs 21:25-26
  10. Am I Ruled by my Appetites? Proverbs 26:14 & Proverbs 23:20-21
Thoughts to ponder:

  • ·       Is Christ first for me?
  • ·       "I become what I do regularly" Aristotle
  • ·       Am I my body's master or slave? 
  • ·       Am I resting on His promises or my premises?
  • ·       How am I motivated, externally or internally?
  • ·       God will not do for me what I can do for myself.


  1. Awesome word for reflection Shawn...thanks for sharing!

  2. All of John's questions were great - and for the time being, the ones I wrote on were the ones that I heard God speaking to me on. My notes are just that, notes. Please do your own study, explore and digest what you hear... Blessings.